New fashion brand “Pure Street Wear” hit the streets of Durban

Brothers Andile Ndebele and Phakamani Dludlu live by this ethos, the two are founders of local brand Pure Street Wear, which is currently making waves in the streets of Durban. The brand is inspired about how it feels to be young and African, specializing in ready-to-wear clothing, as well as custom design pieces.


The brothers, who pride themselves on originality, say they do not copy other designers work and their custom made designs set them apart from the other designers.

“Our hallmark is originality, based on existing trends. It all starts in our minds, we do not even have drawings of our designs. To be honest I was into modelling a while ago but it was my younger brother Andile who got me into fashion design.”

“We started by dressing ourselves and people were always complementing us about our fashion sense. Initially we had a lady who would make us the clothes we would be wearing and people would start placing orders and that is when it hit us that we could actually make money out of this.”

“In 2013 we started doing designing full-time” said Phakhamani.

Originally from Phoenix, the brothers say since moving to Durban, the support they have been received has been overwhelming and their brand has grown immensely and as fashion designers have also grown in their craft.

Pure Street Wear

“Because of the diversity in Durban, we have seen an increase in our clientele than we did back home. More people now know about the brand and they like what we do.”

“What actually caught us by surprise was that it is not only a certain group of people who love our product but everyone, from people in suits, the fashion forward generation and ordinary people in the street are feeling us.We are work with all fabrics,” said Andile.

“I have always been into art, since high school. I used to do poetry but then it grew into drawing. I first sketched a coat but I didn’t know how to bring into life.”

“It was only until I met a lady who introduced me to a guy from Kenya who saw the love I had for fashion and through him I was introduced to other people who taught me the basics of sewing and designing,” Andile said.

“Credit must go to our mother though, from a very young age she is the one person who inspired us the most. She was able to put together an outfit for you that even people in the street would be impressed with,” added Andile.

The brothers say they would love to collaborate with local designer Paledi Segapo of Palse and David Tlale. Their ultimate goal is for themto showcase at the South African fashion week. As a parting shot the brothers say fashion is not about wearing expensive clothes, but about how you can put together an outfit.

Their offices are at 320 Dr Pixley Kaseme St, Durban Central, Durban. For more information you can contact them: 084 638 4828 or you can find them on Facebook at Pure Street Wear.

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