Zapper Simplifies Merchant Sign-Ups

As smartphone payments popularise in South Africa, mobile payment and loyalty rewards app Zapper has made it easier for businesses to cash in on the trend. The company has introduced mobile payment starter packs to the market.

Zapper Further Simplifies Merchant Sign-Up

These packs enable mobile payment integration in a matter of minutes through a faster and more simplified sign-up process. Business owners simply complete the quick registration as outlined in the pack, receive a unique Merchant Reference code and can start transacting immediately.

Each starter pack includes an information guide detailing how mobile payments work, along with aQR Code display stand to be used for transaction purposes. Customers simply scan the code with their smartphone, enter the bill amount and merchant’s unique reference code, and tap pay.

“One of our strategic objectives at Zapper is to enable easier mobile payment integration for both large enterprises and small businesses. Our self-sign-up and easy starter packs allows businesses to start transacting immediately and acquire a piece of the mobile payment pie fast,” said Jessica Fowlds, Marketing and Communications Manager for Zapper.

Through the mobility of the QR code display stand, businesses are empowered to make secure sales transactions from any location, at any time.

New merchants also enjoy the benefit of no set-up cost or monthly fees, and have access to a personalised customer insights portal that seamlessly aids in increasing revenue and growing customer presence.

Starter packs are freely available from selected Zapper merchants, Zapper events and inside popular magazines, including Fast Company South Africa, Coffee Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, SA Franchise Warehouse, The Ridge and The Crest. For more information visit or call 087 150 1001.

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